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Real Estate Law

Nery & Richardson Law Firm

The Law Offices of Nery & Richardson counsels and assists clients on all aspects of buying, selling and leasing commercial and residential real estate, from negotiating sale contracts and drafting leases, to complying with regulatory and title insurance requirements, obtaining loans, and dealing with closing and post-closing issues. We have counseled hundreds of individuals and businesses on real estate legal issues, with a particular emphasis on representing the Hispanic community in Chicago.

We also have extensive experience in negotiating short sales and other loss mitigation strategies for individuals facing foreclosure.

We represent numerous real estate professionals in the negotiation of construction contracts, lending issues, condominium conversions, and all other aspects of property development.

In addition, we represent property owners in eviction cases and other landlord-tenant disputes, and cases regarding disclosure issues, title disputes, warranty and insurance coverage, foreclosures, and other disputes concerning real property.



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